NZMRI 2017

NZMRI 2017 Draft Timetable

Sunday 8 January 6:30pm Welcome reception for the Summer School at the Crown Hotel.
Pizza and salads will be served.
Monday 9 January 9:00am Introductory Talks (Day and Greenberg)
11:00am Morning Tea
11:30am Introductory Talks (Day and Greenberg)
12:30 Lunch

4:00pm Malliaris
5:00pm Woodin

6:30pm Dinner at Sri Thai
Tuesday 10 January 9:00am Lutz
10:00am Montalban
11:00am Morning Tea
11:30am Hirschfeldt
12:30pm Lunch
1:15pm-3:00pm Tutorial and Discussion (Day and Greenberg)

5:00pm Malliaris
Wednesday 11 January 9:00am Woodin
10:00am Lutz
11:00am Morning Tea
11:30am Montalban
12:30pm Lunch
1:15pm-3:00pm Tutorial and Discussion (Day and Greenberg)

5:00pm Hirschfeldt

6:30pm Dinner at the Thirsty Whale
Thursday 12 January Free day. Weather permitting, there will be a tramp* led by David Gauld (details below).
Friday 13 January

9:00am Malliaris
10:00am Woodin
11:00am Morning Tea
11:30am Lutz
12:30pm Lunch
1:15 pm-3:00pm Tutorial and Discussion (Day and Greenberg)

4:30pm Montalban

6:30pm Dinner at Crown Hotel
Saturday 14 January 9:00am Malliaris
10:00am Hirschfeldt
11:00am Morning Tea
11:30am Woodin
12:30pm Lunch

Tramp, Thursday 12 January

Weather permitting, it is planned to tramp to the top of the highest point of the Kaweka range, north-west of Napier. Hopefully there will be enough people with cars so that all who want to come on the tramp can get rides! It takes about an hour and a half to drive from Napier to the road end and a few kilometres from the end the road climbs quite steeply and is unsealed.
The tramp itself is up an exposed ridge, starting at about 980 metres above sea level while the high point is 1724 metres above sea level. You can find out a little more about the track at
(look for Makahu Saddle to Kaweka J).
Here is a detailed topographic map you can download free.

If you do then you can see the details, with the track starting at about (942,457) and heading up to the west. On the version I have just downloaded they have dropped the J.
Though exposed, there being almost no forest, and in places somewhat steep with drops on either side, the track is reasonably easy going. You would be best off having boots to cope with the many loose stones but strong shoes should also be okay. Expect to be tramping for 5 hours or more, so bring lots of water and lunch. Also warm clothing in case the weather turns bad suddenly: we did have one tramp up Kaweka J when the rain started and it was miserable but we all were properly clad so didn't take the weather personally. Another time we camped on top but the wind was pretty enthusiastic in trying to blow us back down to Napier. Great views on a clear day.

* International visitors should be aware that 'tramp' is a New Zealand colloquialism for 'hike'.

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