Lisa Clark Awarded Kalman Prize

08 Jan 2018 - 13:07:00 in Achievement

Lisa Orloff Clark awarded Kalman Prize

Lisa Orloff Clark for her award of the NZ Mathematical Society Kalman Prize for 2017 for the article:

Jonathan H. Brown, Lisa Orloff Clark, Cynthia Farthing and Aidan Sims. Simplicity of algebras associated to etale groupoids. Semigroup Forum 88(2014), 433-452.

The award, introduced in 2016, recognises excellence in research carried out by New Zealand mathematicians and is for an outstanding and innovative piece of research in the mathematical sciences published by a member or members of the NZMS. The Prize is for a single publication of original research, which may be an article, monograph or book, having appeared within the previous 5 calendar years. It is funded by the Margaret and John Kalman Charitable Trust and acknowledges the significant contributions to mathematics in New Zealand made by Professor John Kalman.