Trimester 1, Collection of All Marked Assessment

From week 3 of Trimester 1, 2017 all marked work (assignments, lab projects or tests) can be collected from the School of Mathematics and Statistics (Room: CO358) during the following hours except during public holidays:

Monday: No return of marked assessment

Tuesday: 1pm to 3pm
Wednesday 1pm to 4pm
Thursday 11am to 1pm
Friday 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm

A photo I.D. (preferably VUW Student I.D. card) must be provided in order to collect assignments.

SMS Cover Sheet for Assignments

Please note that when you submit your assignments you should use a cover sheet, stapled to the front of your assignment answers. See the link to print the cover sheet: Assignment_Cover_Sheet (pdf)

SMS Assignment Marked


Assignment No. Status Remarks
ENGR121 A1, A2 Ready  
MATH132 A1, A2 Ready  
MATH141 A1, A2 Ready  
MATH151 A1, A2 Ready  
MATH 211 A1, A2 Ready  
MATH 244 A1, A2 Only A-L  
MATH 261 A1 Ready  
MATH 277 A1 Ready  
MATH 312 A1 Ready  
MATH 335 A1 Ready  
MATH 361 A1 Ready  

Course Assignment No. Status Remarks
STAT193 - AB      
STAT193 - CD      
STAT193 - EF      
STAT193 - GH-Li      
STAT193 - IJ      
STAT193 - KL      
STAT193 - MN      
STAT193 - OP      
STAT193 - QR      
STAT193 - ST      
STAT193 - UV      
STAT193 - WXYZ      

Course Assignment No. Status Remarks
STAT292 A1 Ready  
OPRE/COMP312 A1 Ready