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Kia ora, welcome to the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research. This school offers courses in the world's longest continuously studied discipline. There are three main subject areas within the School:


Mathematics lies at the heart of much modern science and technology and has strong connections with philosophy and the humanities. It has its own rich history of ideas and problems and is a dynamic subject with many new and developing branches. Building on a core of algebra, discrete mathematics and calculus, students of mathematics may progress to more advanced courses in logic, geometry, analysis and calculus, algebra, combinatorics, applied mathematics and mathematical physics, and theoretical computer science.

Note The 3rd year mathematics course offerings have all been revised for 2010. Details are here.

Operations Research

Operations Research is scientific decision-making based on the formulation of models for a system, and the analysis and optimisation of such models. It has broad applications in business, industry, government, natural/social sciences, and interdisciplinary research. There are close links with statistical methods and the two disciplines are linked administratively in the School.


Statistics is concerned with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. The data typically arise from a designed experiment, or more frequently, as part of some observational study. The choice of good methods of analysis for any data set is often helped by selection and estimation of a model for that data. Informed inference about processes that could have generated the data is a common goal in statistics. Courses are offered in mathematical and applied statistics, probability and random processes, sample surveys, and multivariate methods.

Each of these disciplines has its own style, methodology and problems but they are also strongly interlinked. Our courses are labelled MATH, OPRE or STAT to indicate the discipline to which they are most strongly allied, but in many cases there is significant overlap with other disciplines. We encourage you to consider including a range of courses from the School's programmes in your degree.

The staff of the School have an outstanding reputation for research, both pure and applied. By enrolling in one of our programmes you can be assured of a first class education in a subject that is intellectually rewarding. Graduates of our programmes are highly regarded by employers and our best students academically are successful in gaining entry to postgraduate programmes in many of the world's top universities.

Degrees offered

Degree Mathematics Operations Research Statistics
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Mathematics Operations Research
Management Science
Applied Statistics
Bachelor of Arts (BA) Mathematics    

Courses offered

You can see all the courses offered by MSOR on our course list.


Victoria University keeps copies of the academic prospectuses that you can download to your computer. You can find them at the Victoria Undergraduate Prospectus page.

The final version of the 2010 SMSOR Undergraduate prospectus is also available here (pdf).

Enrolment dates and deadlines

Make sure you enrol in time - late enrolments require an additional fee, and are not guaranteed to suceed. See the University's Dates and deadlines page.


You may be eligible for a variety of scholarships. We highly recommend you investigate these options as a possible method for funding your study.