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Differentiation of sets - The general case Prof Estate Khmaladze, W Weil Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 2014
On evolution of set-valued functions: An example Prof Estate Khmaladze Statistics and Probability Letters 2013
Note on distribution free testing for discrete distributions Prof Estate Khmaladze Annals of Statistics 2013
A study of one null array of random variables Prof Estate Khmaladze Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory 2013
Diagnostics for logistics-type regression models using stochastic process Dr I Ming Liu, H Wu, Prof Estate Khmaladze Joint Statistical Meetings, San Diego, 28 July ¿ 2 August 2012
Convergence properties in certain occupancy problems including the Karlin-Rauoult law Prof Estate Khmaladze Journal of Applied Probability 2011
Testing Exponentiality of distribution Dr John Haywood, Prof Estate Khmaladze International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science 2011
Strange facts about the marginal distributions of processes based on the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process R Brownrigg, Prof Estate Khmaladze Journal of Computational Finance 2011
Central limit theorems for local empirical processes near boundaries of sets J H J Einmahl, Prof Estate Khmaladze Bernoulli 2011
Diversity in a Sample and Large Number of Small Probabilities: the Case of Questionnaires Prof Estate Khmaladze Proceedings of ASA and IMS Joint Statistical Meeting 2010

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