MATH 312: Analysis

2009 Trimester 1

MATH 312 CRN 9592, 24 Points (2009 1/3)
Coordinator: Dr Christopher Atkin
Lecturer: Dr Hung Le Pham
Prerequisites: MATH 206, 207;
Restrictions: MATH 304, 305
Lectures: Mon Tue Fri 11-12 timetable
Tutorials: 2 hours per week, to be arranged
Assignments: Weekly
Assessment: Either 100% final examination (3 hr) or 70% final examination and 30% test, whichever is the greater
Recommended Reading: 1. Spiegel, M.R., Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Complex Variables, McGraw-Hill (recommended but not compulsory).
2. Rudin, W., Principles of Mathematical Analysis, McGraw-Hill (recommended but not compulsory).
Course Materials: See above
Prescription: Introduction to modern analysis: functions of a complex variable, metric spaces and Hilbert spaces.
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